Group of electron microscopic researches

Head of the division:

Ilfat M. Safarov


Scientific Secretary

The group of electron microscopic researches solves the problems of analytical and quantitative microscopy, local elemental analysis, crystallographic analysis in microregions. It has two transmission electron microscopes JEM-2000EX from JEOL (Japan), scanning electron microscopes JSM-840A and JXA-6400. These microscopes are equipped with an X-ray dispersive and wave spectrometer for bulk samples (SERIES II by Noran) and thin foils (INKA ENERGY TEM 200 by Oxfords Instruments), a system for analyzing the crystallographic structure of bulk polycrystalline samples by the method of electron backscattering (EBSD) (INKA CRYSTAL 300 from Oxfords Instruments). The laboratory also has equipment for making samples for both transmission and scanning electron microscopes. This is a device for electrolytic thinning of metal samples "TENUPOL 5" from "STRUERS", a device from "GATAN" for thinning by the method of ion bombardment of non-conductive samples. In addition, the laboratory has a plant for the production of liquid nitrogen LNP-20 and other auxiliary equipment.