Scientific and Educational Centers

Julia A. Baimova

Coordinator of Information Support and Education

Leading Researcher

Doctor of Science (Physics)

Professor of RAS


Тel.: +7 (347) 223-00-15


1. Interdepartmental Scientific and Educational Center «Nanomaterials and Superplasticity» IMSM RAS - USATU

The scientific and educational center prepares bachelors and masters in the areas 22.03.01, 22.04.01 "Materials Science and Materials Technology".

Specialized classrooms for conducting classes with students have been created at the IMSP RAS, students study methods of materials research in scientific laboratories of optical and electron microscopy, X-ray structural analysis, mechanical testing and physical research methods. Every year, the Institute invests significant funds in the development of educational laboratories, equipping classrooms and supporting the research work of students, as well as their scientific leaders. Students who are educated have the opportunity from the very first year to engage in scientific work under the guidance of the IMSP staff. A scientific conference of students is held annually at the REC. Some graduates become postgraduates and employees of the IMSP RAS.


2. Scientific and Educational Center «Physics and technology of crystalline materials» IMSM RAS - BSU

The main goal is to provide end-to-end training of highly qualified specialists for scientific and innovative activities in priority areas of science and technology.

Scientific and Educational Center brings together the scientific and pedagogical potential of the IMSP RAS and Bashkir State University for conducting fundamental and applied scientific research, commercializing its results with the participation of students and postgraduates under the guidance of candidates and doctors of sciences. The center trains bachelors and masters in the direction 03.03.02, 03.04.02 "Physics" (profile "Physics of Condensed Matter"), candidates and doctors of sciences in the specialties "Physics of Condensed Matter", "Materials Science in Mechanical Engineering" and other related specialties.


3. Interdepartmental Scientific and Educational Center «Structural and functional materials» IMSM RAS - NMSTU

The main tasks: 

- development and coordination of research work carried out jointly by scientists of the NMSTU and IMSM RAS on the creation and implementation of new materials with promising physical, mechanical and operational properties;

- attracting qualified employees of the IMSM RAS divisions to reading special courses and managing research, coursework and diploma theses, student practice and teaching postgraduates;

- joint drawing up and development of educational programs, training courses, development of teaching aids;

- ensuring the interaction of fundamental and applied science with the educational process at all its stages;

- attracting additional resources for the development and management of the technical, scientific and educational bases.