Innovation center

Foundry sector

The foundry sector consists of three sections: melting, molding and modeling, equipped with melting furnaces IST-016, UPPF-3M, calcining furnace, SNOL (SNO) furnaces for heat treatment, as well as technological equipment that allows the production of shell casting molds according to investment patterns (LPVM) for an incomplete technological cycle. In the foundry sector, small series of castings are made by casting into the ground, chill mold, LPVM from black (steel, cast iron) and non-ferrous (aluminum, copper, zinc, etc.) alloys weighing up to 10 kg and an accuracy class not higher than 12.


Design and technology sector

The sector develops pilot technological processes of hot die forging of complex-shaped parts made of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, heat-resistant and other alloys; designs and manufactures the necessary die tooling; on hydraulic presses with an effort of 100 to 1500 tons, it manufactures pilot and pilot-industrial batches of parts for aircraft building, engine building and other enterprises. The sector has extensive experience in the manufacture of pistons for engines of sports cars and trucks, sea and river vessels, special-purpose equipment; wheels made of aluminum alloys with a diameter of 12 to 22.5 inches with an increased level of mechanical properties; cylinders from high pressure aluminum alloys.


Isothermal stamping sector

The sector fulfills the orders of the IASM RAS divisions for the manufacture of samples with a regulated structure from aluminum, titanium, heat-resistant and other alloys; conducts heat treatment of die tooling parts manufactured by the machining sector. In addition, the sector fulfills orders from third-party organizations for heat treatment and the manufacture of various parts using hot die forging.


Rolling sector

The sector manufactures large-sized axisymmetric semi-finished products and precision billets from aluminum, titanium and heat-resistant nickel alloys using a fundamentally new technology based on the method of hot local deformation into superplasticity modes. Rolling of parts is performed on a special SRD-800 mill and a modernized PNC-600 press machine. These technologies are effective in the manufacture of parts such as disc, shell, ring, hollow shaft up to 800 mm in diameter and up to 200 mm in length, used in aircraft engines and ground power plants.


Machining sector

The sector is equipped with metal-cutting equipment: lathes, which allow processing parts up to 2800 mm long; vertical milling machines with CNC, which allow processing parts up to 1600 mm long; CNC carousel machines that can handle parts with a diameter of up to 1500 mm; surface grinding machines that allow processing parts up to 500 mm long; cylindrical grinding machines that allow processing parts with a diameter of up to 80 mm; internal grinding machines that allow processing parts with a diameter of up to 80 mm, etc. The machining sector fulfills orders from the IMSP RAS divisions for the manufacture of samples, technological equipment, as well as orders from third-party organizations.