Mechanical test group

Head of the division:

Rishat M. Kashaev


The group of mechanical tests is equipped with universal electromechanical machines with a force of 100 kN: Instron 1185, Schenck Trebel RMC100, 1958-U10-1; Schenck Hydropuls PSA electro-hydraulic machine with a force of 100 kN; a machine for testing metals for creep and long-term strength 2147 P-30/1000 and a Schenck Trebel RPSW 150/300. This equipment makes it possible to conduct research at a high scientific and methodological level under various types of loading at room and elevated temperatures. The group also has a complex loading machine SNT-10BD with a force of 50 kN, which allows for two-component loading (tension-compression, torsion). It is equipped with a high temperature resistance furnace and induction heating. The machine allows researching the mechanical properties of materials for a wide range of deformation processes and physical modeling of technological processes. In the group of mechanical tests for students of Bashkir State University, laboratory work is carried out on the course: "Mechanical properties of metals".