Optical metallography

Head of the division:

Ruslan U. Shayakhmetov

E-mail: ruslanshay@mail.ru

The laboratory of optical microscopy solves the problems of qualitative and quantitative 2D / 3D analysis of the microstructure of various materials on optical and laser systems manufactured by Carl Zeiss and others. It has an Axiotech microscope, which allows digital registration of the image and using the image analysis program KS- 300 determine the linear dimensions of structural components (grains, phases, pores, cracks), build histograms of grain size distribution, determine the volume fraction of phases, etc. The laboratory has a photomicroscope "Neophot-32", which allows observations in dark and bright fields, polarization and DIC contrasts. The laboratory is equipped with an Axiovert-100A microscope with an MHT-10 attachment for measuring Vickers microhardness in thin samples and coatings. The laboratory has a laser scanning microscope "LSM-5-Exciter", which allows contactless determination of 3D parameters of the relief and roughness.