Laboratory 10 «Superplastic machining of promising materials»

Head of the laboratory:

Ramil Ya. Lutfullin


Doctor of Science (Technical)
Head of the laboratory: «Superplastic machining of promising materials»

Research areas:

  1. Physical and computational modeling of the formation of crystalline materials using the effect of traditional and low-temperature superplasticity (SP) in the manufacture of light and durable structures.

  2. Investigations of the material quality of hollow structures obtained by superplastic processing, including physical, mechanical and operational properties, using traditional and non-destructive diagnostic methods.

  3. Study of the nature of the formation of a solid-phase joint during pressure welding of homogeneous and dissimilar crystalline materials using traditional and low-temperature SP.

  4. Development of scientific principles for the creation of integral technologies for the manufacture of hollow and multilayer structures based on the combination of superplastic forming and pressure welding.

  5. Creation of research methods for evaluating the technological properties of ultrafine-grained (UFG) crystalline materials at different temperatures - technological plasticity and solid-phase weldability, necessary for the formation of hollow structures.