Laboratory 09 «Nonlinear physics and material mechanics»

Head of the laboratory:

Ramil T. Murzaev

PhD (Physics)

Head of the laboratory: «Nonlinear physics and material mechanics»




Research areas:

  1. Molecular dynamic modeling of the structure of grain boundaries in ultrafine-grained materials, their interaction with dislocations, segregation of impurity atoms, response to various external influences (deformation, annealing, etc.).

  2. Simulation of structural changes in nanostructured metals during ultrasonic treatment by methods of dislocation and molecular dynamics.

  3. Study of nonlinear localized vibrational modes in crystals.

  4. Modeling the structure of carbon nanomaterials (graphene, nanotubes, fullerenes, bulk materials based on them) and their modification under elastic deformation.

  5. Study of the evolution of structures, phase composition and mechanical properties of metals under severe plastic deformation.

  6. Study of antifriction materials and coatings obtained by methods of electrodeposition and deformation-heat treatment.