Laboratory 08 «Materials science and technology of light alloys»

Head of the laboratory:


Doctor of Science (Technical)


Head of the laboratory «Materials science and technology of light alloys»


Research areas:

The main attention is focused on the production of UFG and nanostructured light alloys, the study of their physical and mechanical properties, the development of the foundations of technological processes for superplastic forming and forging of complex-shaped products with a regulated structure and a set of properties. The most important achievements of recent years are the development of new physical concepts of the effect of grain size on strength, crack resistance, plasticity and superplasticity of light alloys, physical models of grinding their grains to nano sizes. On the basis of these concepts, processes have been developed for obtaining bulk / sheet UFG and nanostructured semi-finished products from a number of industrial aluminum and magnesium alloys, characterized by a unique set of mechanical properties: increased strength, ductility, fracture toughness, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance at room temperature; superplastic behavior at elevated temperatures and high strain rates.